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Project "Rabbit"

The project code named "Rabbit" is based on ray tracing and is still under development. The present Ray Scalper is a by-product of this concept. Ray Scalper implements a small fragment of the work done on the Rabbit project. The success of Ray Scalper has been a great source of inspiration for us to continue working on this concept which is extremely challenging at all levels.

The Rabbit project aims to build an EA capable of trading any instrument and will be a very high end professional EA. The aim of this EA would be to be a pure trend follower - Trends on M15 and H1 will be traded. We are trying to come up with a strategy which is completely new Forex trading - We hope this new product will provide a good EA to help diversity any existing EA portfolio.

The business model for Rabbit would also be aimed at serious and professional traders - The product will be priced comparatively higher - but we hope to have a good monthly subscription plan to make it affordable and profitable for all traders. We are also looking into other models of distribution like Zulu trade, etc.

Current status : Rabbit Startegy trades will be distributed as a signal service from May, 2014. Phibase is currenly working out the modalities for this model.

iProfit HFT

Project code named "AOK" has been merged into the iProfit HTF program - At PhiBase we fully understand that diversification is very important to succeed in trading. The aim of this project has been to develop an EA which is capable of trading multiple pairs with different correlation levels under the same logic/parameters. The High Frequency Trading strategy proposed was a perfect solution for this project.

We have been experimenting with HTF strategy over several months and are convinced that it has good potential for trading EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURGBP and other pairs as well. Forex majors are currently being tested since lower spreads and reasonable liquidity would be needed to make this strategy profitable. The project is designed to not depend on any particular price action and minimizes the effects of volatility, trading range, choppiness, trending/ranging actions using a unique strategy that enables trading multiple currency pairs (and other instruments) equally well. Details of strategy, backtests and forward test will be made available in the pre-launch website.

iProfit HFT is our first joint development program. The strategy has been provided by iProfit Trading, our program partner. iProfit HFT EA will be jointly owned by PhiBase and the strategy provider who has requested anonymity till 2014 due to existing contract obligations/restrictions. Software development, research, testing, commercialization aspects and support will be implemented by PhiBase Technologies. iProfit High Freqency Trader (HTF) will be a independent product (Joint copyright of iProfit Trading and PhiBase Technologies).

This startegy has being implemented as per the new MT4 Build 600+ MQL specification.

iProfit HTF V2.1 has been delivered to members on 04th May, 201e and will be available as a monthly/annual subscription product. Forward tests which have been running since September, 2013 have been updated with the new version. PhiBase has worked out IB Programs under Sensus Capital, IC Markets and Gallant which will enables us to make the EA available at lower cost.

CabEX EA V2.0 Released to Members

PhiBase released the CabEX Pre-Launch version to members on 28th April, 2013. The Pre-Launch offer was open only for Phibase members who already have Synergy/Ray Scalper License. The EA is commercially be available to all traders since 15th December, 2013.

The MyFxBook verified reference real account was started from 29th April. CabEX EA was commercially released after completion of 7 months live performance. The Cabex website will be hosted at and contains description about the trading strategy, screen shots from visual backtest, DukasCopy tick data test (5 years - 99% quality) and 13 year M1 backtest (90% quality). Support will be provided by PhiBase HelpDesk.

As the name indicates, the EA will be an 'expert' on trading GBPUSD. The price action of GBPUSD has been of great interest to all traders, but has always been the most difficult pair to trade. This 'untamed' pair will be a good hunting ground for our 'CABLE' strategy. Cabex is explicitly designed for trading the GBPUSD pair.

This EA is based on a completely different strategy and is aimed at providing further diversification to the portfolio running Synergy/Ray Scalper. CabEX will be throughly tested under different market conditions over 13 year historical data and full statistical study will be performed prior to release.

Current status : CabEX V2.0 (Commercial Release version) has been delivered to members. .

Ray Scalper - Update

Ray Scalper V2 was released in January, 2013. We are monitoring performance and receiving feedback from members. Our development team will continue working on making the strategy better in terms of achieving better risk:reward ratio without sacrificing the success rate of the EA. A few feature suggestions made by our members are also in the pipeline for implementation into the next update which is planned for release in third week of June, 2014.

Synergy - Update

Synergy V4 was released in February, 2013. Synergy V4 brought about major changes to the original Phibase PRO v2 pattern based strategy.

The major change was the way the EA trades the harmonic pattern legs. The strategy normalizes the traditional harmonic ABCD - This enables the EA to see every pattern leg as the final D leg. Synergy V4 discarded the basic double/triple top/bottom patterns. H&S was also no longer needed since normalized harmonic ABCD takes the same form as the normalized H&S final legs.

The basic patterns were discarded on the basis that these were proven to be the weakest of signals generated by the EA. This was based on historical tests on EURUSD and USDCHF. Discarding these patterns was seen as an improvement to the strategy, but on hind sight we see this was a huge mistake. PhiBase PRO V2 backtest of 2012 to 2013 shows that the old version would have survived better under these market conditions and even made very good gains between March to June this year. This is a period when Synergy V4 had the maximum losses and since had been flat lining or suffering smaller losses. V2 has also been flat to negative since July.

We have completed analysis of the trade setups of V2 and it is seen that almost every trade signal was generated by the basic patterns which was discarded - double/triple top/bottom signals were extremely profitable due to the tight and extended range of EURUSD between March to July.

We believe that Synergy V4 was affected very badly by the extended ranged movement on EURUSD. It as been observed that V4 did better on USDCHF since this pair did not have the ranged price action seen on EURUSD. Our team did not include this as a recommended pair based on our statistical analysis. We are reviewing our method of analysis and will be conducting better//more reliable ways to test robustness for all future developments.

While we are very confident that Synergy V4 strategy of trading pattern legs can do well, the weakness its showed in handling ranged price action cannot and is not being ignored. Our development team is reworking the strategy of V4 to include the basic patterns which were part of the strategy earlier. We will provide update to the EA as early as possible.

The trading advisory to run Synergy in safe mode setting is still in valid - Recovery could be expected with price action getting better. The recent price action which caused whipsaw on Synergy would soon be factored in to the patterns and the EA is expected to handle the new price action better.

Turn Key Projects

PhiBase Technologies is approached by a number of traders with different strategies for development and marketing. Over the past two years, Phibase has developed a rock solid EA platform, rapid implementation of strategies, testing tools, licensing systems, payment processing and affiliate team for marketing. The facilities are being offered to traders who wish to convert their original trading strategy into an automated software for commercial use. We consider further study and reseacrh of the proposed strategy after an NDA is signed - if the initial tests prove that the strategy has potential, then we agree for development of the idea into an expert adviser.

We may not be able to provide turnkey option for all projects - in some cases only software development, testing and licensing are provided. For example, Phibase does not agree to marketing Grid/Martingale/pip scalping strategies. Payment processing and marketing (Full product adoption) is taken up only in rare cases. Phibase will abide by the comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement at all times.

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